Google + Communities, the next big thing.

Google + Communities was launched a few days ago and it already has an immense amount a buzz around them. So what’s with all the hype around this “new thing” and how will it benefit your business?

There is a lot of skepticism when it comes to Google + and its users. Many believe that no one is using it and it is too difficult. Recently, Google release some very interesting numbers related to their active users. They released information relating that they have over 500 million users with Google+ accounts, 235 million of whom are active “across Google” and 135 million active users “in the stream” (in the past, they’ve used that definition for people either actively visiting or viewing it on a mobile device.)

In comparison to another social platform, Twitter, who says they have over 140 million active users and Google+ has reported over 135 million active users. It seems that Google+ has just as active of a community as Twitter.

There have been many reports that users do not find Google+ user friendly based on the confusion around “Circles” and the lack of organization when comparing it to Facebook’s groups. With Google+ growth rate, communities might be changing everything.

When you create a community in Google+, you have the ability to connect with millions of people who are interested in similar topics that you are interested in. Previously, you might have never connected with these people or even be able to find them. Joining a topically based community assures you that the people you are connecting with are already interested in the topic.  Some might view it as an over the top, crazy chat room.

Setting up a Google+ community is a lot easier then you might think. So start connecting and growing your business with Google+ communities. The next big thing is here.