Searchers Beware – Google New Mobile Warning Label

Last week, Google started placing a warning label on mobile listings with redirects that lead visitors to irrelevant pages. This move could result to brands seeing mobile click thru rates drop by as much as 60 percent.

When searching for a specific item and that listing produces a direct link on a desktop but redirects you on a mobile device to the homepage, Google will now display a warning “May open to site’s homepage” and display a link “Try anyways.” This is Google’s latest punishment those sites that do not provide a good experience for the mobile user.

This warning is already appearing on many brands’ sites. Google is giving mobile users a choice; continue to a page that does not contain the content you are looking for, or keep searching until you find the right link.

The new warning is a significant development for brands because it is a new kind of penalty that they have not had to deal with before. The challenge for many marketers will be determining how many pages have this problem.

Google has said it will notify marketers in Webmaster Tools that there is a problem but is not clear if brands will be given an opportunity to correct the redirects before the warning appears.

The problem of redirect may no be an easy fix, but it is encourage for brands to look into addressing the issues before the holiday season.