Social Media Images with the Highest Conversion

When it comes to boosting your conversion rate with Social Media, you have tried everything you can possibly think of. You follow all the best practices for social media, posting at optimal times, posting witty and entertaining content, following and liking those who follow and like you. With the visual impact of social media, are you posting the right images for your brand?

People are overlooking the visual impact of social media; it is a huge part of the experience. People are more engaged by social networks that posts include images or videos. That is because they raw attention and can spark interest in a post that otherwise might have been over looked. The more people engagement the higher the chance of conversion.

Here are a few ideas for types of images that can help post your engagement, ultimately increasing your conversions.


  1. High Resolution Images

A poorly taken image can ruin your social media strategy. When you post an image to a site you want to make sure it truly presents your brand. Posting an image that is poorly lit or out of focus could result in negative opinions about your brand or product. A Good, high-quality image can have the opposite effect. It can tell a story or share an experience that sparks interest with your fans. This could lead to them sharing the image, clicking on the accompanied link and may bring you a conversion. We always recommend taking your own images, but incase you need a high quality images at your fingertips there are many free image sites for you to use as a resource.


  1. Look at things from a different angle.

Your pictures should not only be great quality. But you also want to make sure that they are interesting. Try changing your vantage point and take the picture from somewhere you would never think of. People pay attention to things on social media when it is something they are not expecting. They usually scroll through images when it is something that they expect to see. Sunset images are beautiful, but they are everywhere on Facebook and Instagram and will not help your brand stand out. Instead of looking at the sunset, try looking in a different direction. The best image may be behind you.


  1. Feature your product in comparison examples

People like to get a good luck at what they are purchasing. It is very important to post pictures at are clear so that potential buyer can get a good look at what you are selling. It is smart to post multiple pictures of one product so that people can get a better idea of what it looks like. If size is a factor in your product, place it next to something that people can easily gage the size. If you are selling a small item, place it next to an almond or grape. Comparisons are a great ways for people to immediately spot the difference between your product and another.


By getting creative, using the best-quality images, and keeping up with the latest research on what types of images drive engagement, you’ll find your conversion rates climbing with very little effort on your part.